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We have installed over a Dozen water pumps in rural #Malawi ! Many more being planned. #Sanitation #CleanWater
So much love for Khalsa Aid from across the UK ! Thank you Cornwall for the warm welcome for our volunteers in Coverack.
RT @Khalsa_Aid: Sikligar Sikhs: Our team have taken on £100k project to support Sikligar community in Madhya Pardes.Pls support: https://t.…
We love humanity !! Inspired by our Gurus ethos of: "Recognise The Whole Human Race As One!"
Help us to raise awareness of our humanitarian work. We have the new Khalsa Aid posters & we are happy to post them anywhere ( except India ) in the world. If you can help us to display the posters at your Gurdwara, Panjabi School, community Centre, Business etc then please contact ! Thank you.
Celebrate the life of Bhai Jagraj Singh. This Sunday 5pm-9pm at Singh Sabha Southall, Havelock Road. #BasicsOfSikhi
Our volunteer distributing sweets during EID in 2015 to Syrian refugees stranded in Europe. An ounce of humanity goes a long way .... #SyrianRefugees #Syria #Refugees #KhalsaAid #servinghumanity #onelove #Seva #donate #DFID #SarbatDaBhalla
When most organisations left #Haiti soon after the earthquake in 2010 .... we stayed ! Khalsa Aid has been providing support to 9 orphanages in Haiti since 2010. #DeliveringHope #orphanagesOfHaiti #haitiearthquake #Aid #donate #Orphans #SarbatDaBhalla #servinghumanity
Another Life Saving Operation: We are committed to providing free medical care especially to children from poverty stricken backgrounds in Panjab This has is an on-going project & we hope you will continue to support us. To set up a Direct Debit or to make a one off donation please click on the following link: Wonderful work by the Khalsa Aid India Team.
Come on folks ! Just over 2 weeks to go ! Get registering: Please visit
Sikligar Sikhs: Our team have taken on a £100k project to support Sikligar community of Anjad, Madhya Pardes. We have already initiated the program to install a water system in the village. We will be starting the complete rebuild of the 25 homes soon. Please support: #SikligarSikhs #underprivelleged #SupportingPovertyStrickenSikhs #donate #Seva #SarbatDaBhalla
RT @3XT1: Retweeted Khalsa Aid (@Khalsa_Aid): We have installed over a Dozen water pumps in rural #Malawi ! Many more...…
RT @Khalsa_Aid: #Coverack : our volunteers continue to assist the people of Coverack, Cornwall who were hit by flash floods last week. @Co…

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Our long term programmes

Focus Punjab is our long term programme in Punjab, India focusing on providing long term support in the region.

Langar Aid is our dedicated initiative to provide emergency food & water supplies in disaster & war zones.